Summers out of the picture, and yet here we are looking for escapism. We thought about a trip to the tropics, but hasn’t everybody? Or a cabin in the woods… too old school maybe? Well, we came to stand and deliver with the impressive and captivating Dorian. Fittingly named after Oscar Wilde’s​ novel The Picture of Dorian Gray our Winter House embraces an ever-lasting sense of beauty, infatuation, mystique, and escapism.


This isn’t for the faint-hearted; every corner of this space is incorporated against bold onyx, titanium and brushed brass gold. Our generous space is also enhanced with diamond-cut mirrors and acrylic black fixtures – the sleeker the better!


For now, we are completely enamoured by this creation and its sense of intrigue.  Christmas is fast approaching and in our line of virtual tours for the Cerisse Interior series, it was only appropriate to role out our beloved Dorian. Did we also mention our newly introduced large greek key cushions? Hint- they can also be found in our online store this way.

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