Substainabilty at CERISSE

Our journey

Our commitment to great design has extended into making better business choices that minimise our impact on people and the planet. For 2021, we’re focusing on four key areas where we can really make a difference. 

Sourcing responsibly

The way we see it, sustainability begins with responsible sourcing. From making sure our key materials create less environmental impact, through to selecting suppliers aligned with our core values. It’s not simply our business strategy, but our moral obligation. 

Product packaging

We’re committed to making better choices so when you receive our products it’s easier to dispose of the packaging responsibly. Some of our items need protective packaging due to their size and weight, so we’re looking at innovative ways of reducing the amount we use – especially plastic.

“We’re committed to minimising our impact on the planet and making sustainability a part of everything we do.”

Putting the good in bye

Circular solutions are something we’re serious about embedding into our business. One way of tackling waste is by closing the loop. Need to make room for your new CERISSE piece? We can use your pre-owned item and recreate it into something magical. Good for the planet, great for our customers.