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Alluring, sophisticated, androgynous and sleek are all the terms used when attempting to convey our final design from our current range.

The name Apocalypse signified the best possible ending for this collection in order to fundamentally pave the way for new growth in the form of something bigger and better. The geometric print derived from the study of signs/artefacts was originated and developed as part of CERISSE’S branding concept. The representation and continuation of the symbols throughout the fabric also translated into a similar approach in relation to how hieroglyphics is often presented within Egypt. Likewise, our colour board needed to convey a product befitting of a Pharoah and Queen. This is beautifully presented in the form of the darkest hue within our range against a collision of gold and rose gold tones.

INCLUDED: 1x Duvet Cover and 2x Pillow Cases

King Duvet Covers Measurements: H.228 x W.220 cm

Front and Back: Satin

Features: Zip Closure

Our product is sent with the duvet covers and pillowcases ONLY. 


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