It’s Summer 2021 and face masks are still going hand in hand. Yet, my enthusiasm for injecting some sort of creativity into my lifestyle never wavers. My whole theme last year was enfusing God-like qualities based on Ancient Egypt and this year we wanted to go bigger. Erm, Chloe what can be bigger than a god?

I simply mean elaborating on the design aspects of everything the previous collection entailed. There is only so much that can be done with fabric, but what if we combine the qualities of our best bespoke products in the form of art centerpieces? Imagine a cascade of beautifully presented art placed in an entrance hall or as the focal point in one of our customers’ living rooms? I wanted to exceed beyond the delicacy that our interior was constructed to be and present a version that was sharp and unapologetically striking. Blending metal into my work has been a steady process and by constructing canvas artwork with a blend of faux croc leather and our statement tarnished brass only meant one thing… OVERDRIVE. 

Geometric, sleek and commanding are what we are known for because in the grand scheme of things Cerisse has been and will continue to illustrate everything I am not. It is a personality, a voice and never has competitors – it only exceeds itself.

The new art work is a reflection of the complexity and curve ball thrown into our society, which still exceeds the reality of our situation. This is presented in the outreach of metals  throughout the canvas, tactile fabrics against black glass and protruding geometric shapes to elaborate and revolutionise the 3d design blueprint of Cerisse Interiors. 

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