As promised we will be creating more posts in relation to places to visit around London with fantastic decor and just generally an all round great experience. This may be in the form of restaurants, dept stores and shows.

At 34 weeks pregnant our director is close to the home stretch. “I can almost hear the sound of sleepless nights calling me. I’m one of those women who understands how incredible lucky they are to be able to carry a baby without many issues when there are others out there who struggle. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I detest my physical appearance during this time and not being able to partake in many of the previous activities I loved such as playing football with my son, swimming and random adventures with family and friends.” Yet, rather than complain about her current circumstances and not easing up on work any time soon, she will continue to contribute towards the blog post at CERISSE INTERIORS by introducing places to visit with fantastic decor. 

As previously mentioned the first location was at the ever-amazing Harrods dept store, which introduces the temporary Fendi Cafe on the 5th floor. Fendi’s distinguishable print is stunningly presented in monochrome and infused into fixed furnishings, menu’s, cutlery and desserts. It really is the perfect place for catching up with friends after visiting the various departments. The wait time was around 30 mins, which isn’t bad at all considering we took a chance without a reservation on a Saturday and knowing how busy it could possible be as a pop-up exclusive. 

The initial basis for mentioning the pregnancy was the underlying factor of understanding how much of a struggle it can be to navigate around certain areas of London during the summer at the best of times, however this was intensified during the homestretch. The Fendi Cafe was wonderful for not only convenience, but also offered a unique take on the brands overall presentation with the incorporation of Fendi’s logo for each and every dish. The decors execution and Italian cuisine screamed perfection thanks to the talented Joshua Vides.

The overall dining experience was truly lovely and made efficiant by the staff at the cafe who were always polite and courteous. You will be spoilt for choice with an array of breakfast options, cappuccino’s and larger full-course meals such as antipasti, insalate (the beef carpaccio is a house special), mains of lasagne, aubergine parmagiana and more. 

As someone who genuinely enjoys taking in the moment without my phone glued to my hand I couldn’t resist obtaining a few images. Many of the diners consisted of tourists, London residents and influencers. Yet, at various times you could tell how much every person in there appreciated the decor and detail that had gone into the experience of bringing the Fendi Cafe to life.

Opening Times 

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 9pm | Last Orders: 8:45pm 
Sunday:  12pm to 6pm | Last Orders: 5:45pm

Buon appetito!


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