“Me…I’m a builder, but every artist needs a blank canvas so all of this has to go.”

Throughout the entire process we have always maintained that the collection would represents and touch on moments that created a confliction of emotions. The possibilities to stretch the mind and illustrate the complexity of each thought surrounding the design process felt limitless. Within this time the range had been perfectly established in order to demonstrate growth compared to its predecessors by elaborating on the Flamingo in Medallion. Here at CERISSE we are excited to introduce our additional Cushions, Throws and Duvet sets over 2019 in the following titles Hieroglyphics, King, Queen and Gods. We have highlighted each print with our traditional Satin fabric, whilst introducing striking darker tones against golden hues in luxurious velvet.

In the past we wanted our original cushions to exude a playful innocence that was far removed from collections origin story. As enjoyable as the initial design concept was we didn’t want to create another print or product that was so similar in appearance that it couldn’t establish a unique place amongst an already interesting collection.

We knew we wanted to appeal to our customers (old and new) in a way that they could envision the collection at many points in their lives whether that was as a 20-something renting their first bachelor apartment, married or decorating the first nursery, it was essential that this range had longevity. Every product of CERISSE is made with care and the kind of delicacy that will make every centerpiece the ideal finish within the home for many years to come.

The final objective was to present the range as a reflection of how everyone is always changing. We recognize the fact that with each change and progression we are refined into better versions of ourselves. This is how we see the collection and the direction it will be going in over the years.

Bigger is always better at CERISSE, which brings us to the sneak peek of our collection. Over the coming months we will be concluding additional designs and their functions in order to allow all of our customers to have these statement products within the home. One of our additional concepts will be the first of it’s kind, whilst remaining obtainable for all of our customers who truly want that luxurious feel within the home all year round. In our introductory trailer elements of our new designs structure is presented alongside the vital driving point towards each prints overall creation. This is presented in the form of geometric and elaborated visuals of the brain in order to illustrate the neurological and psychological basis of all our work.

We invite you to make yourselves at home and experience the ancient Egyptian collection befitting for a King and Queen.

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