I’m not about to pretend that I’ve always felt connected with what it means to be black.  

Truth be told it would be disingenuous, considering my previous feelings towards the topic of race which resulted in me developing an unhealthy perception of what my colour and my features meant to others, coupled with the feeling of isolation and shame, which stemmed from childhood trauma that was never truly addressed. In fact, it wasn’t until my daughter was born that I felt ashamed of my previous beliefs that my colour of skin gave me little worth, because she clearly looks like me and I have fell in love with many features that I had grown to hate, which I would never want her to feel.

No matter my own feelings in the past, I’ve always strived for equality and genuinely making a difference for those that continue for parity and justice in their lives. Which is why ALL purchases from www.cerisse.co.uk have and over the course of June go towards mind.org in aid of open discussions and group therapies to support those who may feel disconnected towards their heritage as a result of prejudice and trauma.

In light of the upsetting death of George Floyd many individuals have been led back to the underlying question of what it means to be black or a part of something bigger to tackle those complexed feeling? The scheme offers mood regulation therapy to aid those who need the support to address those traumas in order to get better. This is a charity we have supported since CERISSE INTERIORS began and will continue to do so during this time.


  1. How inspiring and strong you have become. It sounds as though your daughter has mirrored your beauty and it took this to open your eyes to how beautiful we all are. Your experience speaks for many who are made to feel ashamed of their colour or shade of skin and the deep-rooted reasons to why this is the case.
    Stand proud for your children and your ancestors and just as importantly… for you!

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