About Us

CERISSE MORGAN is an interior company, which began operating in London and setting itself apart from other brands with it’s unique prints. The company boasts a beautiful range that utilises elements inspired by Psychoanalytic interpretation. Each print represents a fundamental part of what most of us feel, need and want in life, yet often don’t speak about.

The Illusion represents false ideals that aren’t good for us, Flamingo represents friendship and fulfilling moments and Vision is what we foresee and are destined to experience.

The creator Chloe Cerisse has taken the elements of past experiences and illustrated them beautifully through the eyes of someone who has dealt with the many challenges that mental health often entails. The execution of each print revolves around moments that create a feeling of melancholy reflected through the details and chaos behind each design. This was an important attribute to illustrate, whilst attempting to convey how mental health can often make us feel.