Welcome to CERISSE INTERIORS home of the collection inspired by psychoanalytical prints and luxury design. The London based company boasts a sleek range highlighted by dimensional silhouettes, gorgeous hues and striking geometric symbols, which are sure to be the stunning centerpieces to any space. Our soft furnishings and art décor also showcase and utilize elements from a collision of seasonal characteristics in order to make all of our products perfect for any time of the year.

At Cerisse Interiors we know and understand the need for individuality, whilst making any home inviting, which is why we have also created a portfolio destination of exclusive products in order to accommodate to certain businesses and projects. The collection can’t be purchased through the site and is exclusive to companies and individuals who request our stylebook. Simply fill out the contact form page or alternatively email customercare@cerisse.co.uk and we will get someone from our team to send you a stylebook, which includes additional prints, fabrics, finishes, interiors and additional options in order to make your request even more exclusive.