In light of the upsetting death of George Floyd we will be doing our part in aid of #blacklivesmatter. We want to lend a voice at a time when it’s as important as ever to band together as a nation and say no more violence or injustice to the clear colour-blind notion towards the mistreatment of black people. Discussions across the UK and all over the world also probe the underlying question for individuals of mixed heritage ‘what it means to be black and a bigger part of a revolutionary movement when at times they have often felt like the intruder amongst their own community?’ 

 CERISSE will be donating 20% of sales made towards mind.org in relation discussions and group therapies.  This aspect of mental health isn’t as easily recognised, however with more research and the catalyst of events over recent weeks this has become the point of conversation amongst the community. Be sure to use ‘BLACKLIVESMATTER’ at the checkout to also receive 20% off, but most importantly stay safe, peaceful and united in the fight against racism – we can do this!




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